The Company Real SoftService

Real SoftService

Real Softservice ITC Beijing offers general IT services since 2004. We are recognized as a reputable service provider by our customers such as Heinrich Böll Foundation (Beijing), German Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai) and others.

Real SoftService is a system integrator and one-stop partner. We close the gap between consulting and product reselling. We combine services and products in order to get a complete, powerful solution. We will maintain the system and support the users as best as possible.

We mainly take open source solutions (OSS) because with OSS we can really choose the best solutions for our customers. We are not bound to a vendor of proprietary software and we are not urged to sell his products only. Furthermore OSS allows us to modify the software code, e.g. to fix problems with Chinese characters.

We mainly target on international organisations and small & medium-sized enterprises (SME). We are very familiar with their specific requirements, especially in regard to collaboration, sharing documents, contacts etc.

Last but not least: Real SoftService is an international team which is familiar with European requirements and Chinese conditions.